About us

Vizuālā diagnostika Ltd. is a company of Veselības centrs 4 Ltd. group, which offers especially high quality and variety of diagnostic examination opportunities in Latvia. The guarantees of our quality lie in our experienced team of physicians and administrative personnel, which cares for the health and wellbeing of our patients on daily basis. Quality, professionalism and targeted development is a strict attitude of Vizuālā diagnostika Ltd. This is confirmed by ISO 9001:2015 certificate obtained in 2017, pointing to the compliance of company management to international quality standards.

Vizuālā diagnostika Ltd. offers diagnostic examinations that are conducted by using contemporary devices that have been equipped with cutting edge technologies and software to their patients, thus ensuring professional examination environment and high quality of diagnostic examinations that helps patients at all stages of their therapy.

Vizuālā diagnostika Ltd. offers to our patients:
•    Computed tomography (CT) examinations;
•    Magnetic resonance (MRI) examinations;
•    X-Ray examinations;
•    Mammography (MG) examinations;
•    Ultrasound (USG) examinations;
•    Doppler ultrasound examinations;
•    Echocardiography (EchoCG) examinations;
•    Holter monitoring examinations;
•    Electrocardiography (ECG) examinations.

The diagnostic examinations are available in Riga and at branches in Jurmala, Daugavpils, Cesis, Valmiera, Liepaja, Jelgava, Gulbene, Saldus, Jekabpils, Sigulda, Kuldiga and Aizpute. The performance of examinations is possible either within the framework of state funded examinations (with the referral of a general practitioner or a specialist physician, in accordance with the type of examination), or by paying the full price for the examination, as well as by using the insurance policy coverage, considering the conditions of insurance programmes of the particular insurance company.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the branches of Vizuālā diagnostika Ltd. in the entire territory of Latvia!