Doppler ultrasound

Doppler ultrasound
Doppler ultrasound

Vizuālā diagnostika Ltd. offers Duplex scanning of the head and neck blood vessels or Doppler sonography (DUPLEX) examinations, ensuring the advantages of contemporary and developed technology. It is recommended to perform the examinations, if the patient complains of headaches, dizziness, noises in the head or ears, blood pressure fluctuations or loss of consciousness, as well as in patients, who have survived stroke, head and neck injuries.

Doppler ultrasound is examination of blood vessels with the help of ultrasound device that enables obtaining images of blood vessels, registering the direction and velocity of the blood flow. Doppler ultrasound examinations allow to determine the changes that develop in the blood vessels and to assess the therapy results of the patient. The examination enables the physician to examine the blood vessels of the head and neck by precisely determining the blood flow defects and degree thereof.

Frequently asked questions
  • What should a patient know before the performance of a Doppler ultrasound examination?

    No special preparations need to be done prior to a Doppler ultrasound examination. The examination is painless and harmless to health, as well as there is no age limit to perform the examination.

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