Privacy Policy

Controller of personal data processing is Vizuālā diagnostika Ltd., registration No. LV41203027193, legal address: Smilšu iela 22, Kuldīga, LV-3301, office address: Duntes iela 15a, Rīga, LV-1005, Telephone. +371 67898980; e-mail:; Internet website:

Your trust and privacy are important for us!

  • We have created this Privacy Policy with the purpose of providing you (data subject) with the information on your rights, the purposes and scope of data processing, period of processing and protection, while processing your personal data, in a simple, clear and understandable language. We would like to inform you on how and why we use your personal data as clearly and understandably as possible.
  • To ensure the highest quality of services, individualised service and personalised offers to you, we perform safe and transparent processing of your personal data. In this privacy policy, any information that can be used to identify you is referred to as personal data.
  • We implement appropriate measures to ensure that your personal data are safe with us and that your personal data processing is implemented in accordance with the effective personal data protection legislation, our internal policies, guidelines and procedures.
  • We have appointed data protection specialist, who has the duty to supervise our compliance with the personal data protection legislation, guidelines and procedures.
  • The Privacy Policy enables us to learn what data we can obtain about you, how and how long we will use them and provides us with information regarding your rights and the ways you can contact us.
  • As the privacy policy is improved, all changes will be published on this website. The latest version of our privacy policy will always be available to you.

Why do we process your data?

  • We process your data in order to ensure that you receive the highest quality healthcare services, in accordance with your choice, needs, referrals, concluded contracts and the requirements of regulatory enactments.
  • We perform video surveillance and process your personal data, when you visit our regional centres or central bureau, as well as for the purposes of ensuring your personal safety, as well as the safety of our employees, customers and property. The video surveillance is performed in accordance with strict safety and privacy regulations, by using modern technologies and equipment.
  • We implement storage and recording of incoming and outgoing correspondence for the purposes of protecting our legitimate interests and/or contractual liabilities.
  • Our website uses cookies. The use of cookies enables collection of history data of internet website use, diagnostics of the problems and drawbacks in the operation of the website, collection of statistics of user habits, as well as ensures complete and comfortable use of the functionality of the website. If you do not want to permit the use of cookies, you can use the settings of your web browser to stop the use of cookies, however, in this case, the use of our Internet website can be encumbered. The deletion of saved cookies is possible in the settings section of your web browser, by deleting the saved cookies history.
  • If we process your data for the purposes that we have not notified you about in this Privacy Policy, we will inform you on the individual data processing terms and conditions separately.

Which your data are we processing?

  • Personal data categories that we process depend on the services that you receive.
  • When providing healthcare services, in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments, we have the duty to process your identification data and information that confirms the diagnosis, justifies examinations and therapy methods, as well as precisely reflects therapy results. To implement the objective of healthcare provision, we can process the widest possible amount of personal data, which includes - name, surname, personal ID number, contact information, place of residence, information on the diseases that the patient has had, information on received and receivable healthcare services (identification of the physician, how frequently, what services are selected) and other information that the respective healthcare professional will choose to find out in the particular situation and record in medical documentation.
  • During the visits to our regional centres or central bureau, a video recording of your image ad the time, when you visited the premises can be processed. Video surveillance is not performed in the premises, where high level of privacy is expected, furthermore premises, where video recording is performed, are equipped with informative labels.
  • When you contact us, the content of communication can be saved, as well as the information on the means of communication used, which could include, for instance, e-mail address and telephone number.
  • We perform the data processing of website use history by using on-line identifiers, as well as the information deliberately left by you, for instance, your assessment of the quality of healthcare services provided by us.

What is the legal basis for the processing of your personal data?

  • Data processing is performed with the purpose of providing healthcare services. Data processing is required for us to provide high quality services to you, to perform a contract concluded with you, to perform legal liabilities that ate applicable to us, as well as it may be necessary for preventive or occupational medicine purposes, for the assessment of the work capacity of an employee, for the provision of medical diagnosis, healthcare or therapy services, or for the management of healthcare systems and services. In certain cases, we may perform data processing to ensure our legitimate interests or legitimate interests of third parties.
  • Data processing by performing video surveillance is performed with the purpose of preventing or detecting criminal offences in the area of personal and property protection, ensuring the highest standards of customer servicing quality, protection of the legal interests of individuals and their vital interests, including life and health protection.
  • Data processing can be performed to ensure our and third-party legitimate interests, for instance, to examine your complaints or obtain evidence in the event of possible claims.
  • Saving and recording of incoming and outgoing correspondence is performed to conclude or perform the contract concluded with you, to perform legal liabilities assumed by us, as well as in the event, where such action is required to observe our legitimate interests or legitimate interests of third parties.
  • We perform the analysis of the website and social network browsing history, if such processing is required to comply with our or third-party legitimate interests.

Who do we obtain personal data from?

  • We summarise the personal data provided by you, which are submitted by you prior to the receipt of the service, as well as when you visit our regional centres or central bureau (video surveillance) and our website (when applying for the receipt of our news), as well as, when they are submitted by another medical institution, physician or state institution on your behalf to perform the legal duty that they are obliged to perform.

Who do we submit your personal data to?

  • Law enforcement institutions, courts or other state and municipal institutions, if such submission arises from regulatory enactments and the respective institutions are entitled to receive the requested information, if such information has to be requested in particular.
  • Third parties within the framework of the concluded contract, to perform a function required for the performance of the contract (for instance, in the event of insurance contract - for the implementation of the legitimate interests of the controller; to another medical institution, observing the pre-requisites provided for by the Law On the Rights of Patients) or, if better servicing and the provision of higher quality services needs to be developed by attracting service providers.
  • You, as a data subject, in accordance with a clear and unambiguous request.
  • Courts or other state institutions for the protection of our legitimate rights.
  • Recipients of your data can be employees authorised by the Controller, Processors, law enforcement and supervising institutions.
  • We will issue personal data of individuals only in sufficient and required amount, in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments and objective conditions based on particular situation. 
  • We always try to process your personal data within the territory of the European Union and European Economic Area (EU/EEA). Your personal data are not processed in the country that is situated outside EU/EEA to provide the service selected by you. Personal data submission and processing outside EU/EEA can occur, if legal grounds for such submission exists, namely, in order to perform a legal duty or contractual liabilities, or if, pursuant to your consent, sufficient safety measures have been taken.

How long do we store your data?

  • All personal data obtained from you are stores for as long as you use our services or until you withdraw your consent, if your personal data are processed on the basis of such consent. A longer period of personal data processing is permissible to comply with the requirements of the law on the minimum period of document or information storage or to protect your legal interests.
  • When this period expires, we will delete your personal data in a secure way or make them inaccessible (archiving), or non-identifiable to prevent the possibility of associating them with you.
  • Video surveillance records are stored on our systems no longer than for 30 days.
  • The duration of personal data processing can be substantiated by our mutual contract, our legitimate interests or applicable regulatory enactments that we must observe.
  • When providing healthcare services, we observe special regulatory enactments that enforce a duty to store certain data. If you wish to receive detailed information, please contact us.

How do we ensure your data protection?

  • We ensure, regularly review and upgrade protection measures to protect your personal data against unsanctioned access, accidental loss, disclosure or destruction. To implement this, we use modern technologies, as well as comply with technical and organisational requirements, including the use of firewalls, breach detection and analysis software and data encryption.
  • We carefully check all service providers that process your data on our behalf and on our commission, as well as we assess, whether data processors use appropriate safety measures to ensure that data processing is implemented in accordance with our delegation and the requirements of regulatory enactments.
  • In the event of your data safety incident, if it creates the probability of a high risk to your rights and freedoms, we will notify you thereof, if possible, or the information will be published on the website of the Controller, or you will be notified in any other available way.
  • However, we advise you to observe general safety rules for the use of a computer and the Internet, as well as the requirements for the storage and protection of your private data (especially, personal identity documents), and we will not assume liability for unsanctioned access to your personal data and/or data loss, if it has occurred due to your fault or negligence.

What are your rights?

  • We consider that the protection and observation of your rights, is our priority. We treat your data responsibly and will always observe your rights and interests in accordance with regulatory enactments.
  • You are entitled to request the confirmation from us whether we process personal data associated with you and, in these cases, to request the access to your personal data that we are processing or to request that we issue information on personal data, if the provision of direct access is impossible.
  • If you believe that information regarding you is outdated, incorrect or insufficient, you are entitled to request us to correct it.
  • You are entitled to request the deletion of your personal data, or object to processing thereof, if you believe that the data have been processed illegally, or that they are no longer necessary in connection with the purposes that they have been collected and/or processed for.
  • You are entitled to submit the complaint to Data State Inspectorate, if you believe that we have processed your data illegally.
  • As long as we process your personal data on the basis of your consent, you are entitled to recall your consent for personal data processing at any time.
  • You are entitled to object to the processing of your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing.
  • You are entitled to object to personal data processing that is performed by us based on our legitimate interests, however, we will continue the processing of our data even if you have objected to that, if we have convincing motivated reasons to continue processing of your personal data. To implement the aforementioned right, please submit a written application to us or our data protection specialist.
  • Under certain conditions you are entitled to request that we delete your personal data, however, this does not apply to the cases, where the law requests us to keep the data. To implement the aforementioned right, please submit a written application to us or our data protection specialist.
  • Under certain conditions you are entitled to limit the processing of your personal data. Please note that, if you request to limit your personal data processing, your possibility to receive our service may be affected. To implement the aforementioned right, please submit a written application to us or our data protection specialist.
  • You are entitled to receive or submit your personal data further on to another data controller. This right refers only to the data that you have provided to us based on your consent or contract, as well as, if the data processing is performed anonymously. To implement the aforementioned right, please submit a written application to us or our data protection specialist.

Do you have any questions?

We use multiple level approach to inform you. In the areas with video surveillance, we place statements with warning of video surveillance, providing the basic information concerning video surveillance, as well as inform on the rights to receive more detailed information. We use our website to publish statements about this Privacy Policy, as well as you can receive information on the cookies we use. If you have questions about your personal data protection, please inform us electronically to the e-mail address: with the note “For data protection specialist”. If you wish to submit an application, please address it to the administration of Vizuālā diagnostika Ltd. and send it to the postal address: Duntes iela 15a, Riga, LV-1005.