Vizuālā diagnostika Ltd. Offers diagnostic examinations (magnetic resonance, echocardiography, doplerography, ultrasonography), as well as counselling from experienced doctors at the Magnetic Resonance Centre in Riga, Mārupe Street 1a. We are currently offering family doctor (General practitioner), cardiologist, invasive radiologist and neurosurgeon counselling. At our centre, the counselling doctors are: Dr. Dārta Ģeižāne (ex. Miķelsone), cardiologists Dr Kristīne Dombrovska and Dr Irina Cgojeva - Sproģe, neurosurgeon Dr Raimonds Mikijanskis and invasive radiologist Dr Andris Veiss. Consultations may be covered out on a fee or through an insurance policy, taking into account the conditions of the programmes of the insurance company concerned.

All patients are welcome!

Irina Cgojeva-Sproģe

Dr. Irina Cgojeva - Sproģe

Kristīne Dombrovska

Dr. Kristīne Dombrovska


Examination available at branches